No matter what situation we are in, our safety and that of our loved ones’ is always our primary concern. This is especially true now, when it has become quite difficult to ensure our protection from any kind of danger or problem. Our modern and fast-paced world is not really free from risky situations and people, you know. As a result, a large number of our population has become quite dependent on information obtained from public records. A perfect example is the state of Illinois. With its – give or take – 13 million residents, setting down specific rules for accessing IL Arrest Records is important.

Standard operating procedure teaches you to get in touch with three offices or agencies when you need to get hold of state public records. State government offices take the number one spot, and then county offices follow as your second option. Your last alternative is to approach the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. In Illinois, though, you need only to know that the state’s repository for all criminal records is the Illinois State Police. The office, which works with the Bureau of Identification, keeps over five million files of fingerprints. The Automated Fingerprint Identification System is used to identify the prints. The state police also performs administrative, operations, and forensics responsibilities.

Even if Illinois allows any individual to access their Arrest records via authorized fingerprint searches by law enforcement agencies, the general public needs to follow some rules when obtaining copies of such records. An important rule to remember is that not all types of criminal records can be viewed by just anybody.

If you are requesting for Illinois arrest records copies, you will only be granted access if the dossiers you need are for arrests that resulted result in conviction. Current criminal records can only be viewed and accessed by the record owners, as well as by law enforcement and state agencies. The record owners’ authorized employers are also allowed to obtain copies of current criminal records.

For employers who want to do a background check on new or probable employees, the fingerprint search is the most viable option. Although each search has a $20 fee, many are all right by this because this option has been proven to be the most reliable. You can choose to work with the state police, though, by mailing your completed request form along with a $16 payment for every name you want searched. Your third option, the most practical and efficient there is, is to find the records you need with the help of independent online record providers.

These online record providers are the answer to your need for a more efficient Arrest records search. They also cost less compared to state agencies as they do not require you to shell out $16 for every record you need. Their only requirement is for you to pay a one-time minimal fee – not a fee for every record, but once only. This is the main difference. And what do you get in return? Unlimited access to all the public records that you need, of course! Their efficient search process will allow you to get hold of the record you need in a matter of minutes. Indeed, online record providers are the epitome of high quality efficient service!

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