In the United States of America, California is considered as the most heavily-populated state. However, it is not conclusive that it is also the region which has the highest divorce rate. The Freedom of Information Act allows citizens of the state to make inquiries on public records regarding incidents on birth, death and dissolution of marriage, among others. More specifically, EL Dorado County Divorce Records are made accessible to those who want to obtain such files.

In the past, the recovery of divorce decrees can be yours without having to pay any amount. But as the demand for such report increases over time, state agencies find it necessary to charge certain fees to defray costs for the search and reproduction of important documents.

The Vital Records Office of the Department of Health Services in California can offer you a wide array of important data concerning birth, death, marriage and divorce. If you are searching for a marriage incident that happened between 1962 and 1984, the above-mentioned agency is the proper office to visit. You can make your request via mail together with the pertinent fee of $13.00 to pay for the search cost. The acceptable mode of payment is through personal check or money order. You may also choose to send your application through fax, but you will be charged an additional $7.00 for this. Whichever means you prefer to send your demand, it is of great importance that you supply your contact number and your exact mailing address if you want the records directly delivered to your specified location. As for divorce events, the aforementioned agency will only release a certificate of record for dissolution of marriage that took place between 1962 and June 1984. The said document is definitely not a certified copy of the divorce file but it contains relevant details such as the names of the parties, the date the divorce was filed, the specific county where the split-up was filed and the court case number. The said paper does not disclose if whether or not the divorce was settled in court. The processing time is somehow longer than expected as you can only get the paper you want six months after you have submitted your petition.

For those who want to obtain a certified copy of a divorce data, you may recover the same from the Clerk of the Superior Court where the marriage break-up was granted. You can also check the agency’s web location so you will read the guidelines on how to go about your search and the current fees you will be paying along with your request.

The advent of the Internet made it easier and more comfortable for the general public to make inquiries regarding public documents. There are a lot of service providers to choose from to get the record one desires to have. Residents of El Dorado can now enjoy a quick peek on a particular El Dorado County divorce decree without any hassle. Although there are online service providers that collect money in exchange for their services, the minimal amount they charge may just be worth the information you can get.