When looking for an angular cheilitis treatment the first step is to figure out what the initial cause is. Cheilitis creates cracks and sores at the mouth corners and can be brought about through several different reasons. Figuring out what the root problem is makes the job of curing it that much easier as each cause will have a separate method of treatment. Unfortunately cheilitis is one of those conditions that can be very difficult to treat, and if you have ever had it before than you know how difficult getting rid of it can be.

Before I get into causes and alternate treatments, there is one remedy that thousands of people worldwide have used to quickly get rid of their infection in just few hours and is also the cure I used when I first came down with an infection. It is a fantastic home remedy that uses just a couple of items that most people have in their homes or can easily be purchased at any corner store.

The treatment is topical and works by isolating the bacteria responsible for your cheilosis. it takes just a few minutes to apply and the results are very fast. I love natural cures and when I first heard about this cure I was sceptical but just wanting my infection to go away tried it and in just a few hours I noticed the cracks on my mouth corners begin to shrink and when I woke up the next day my condition was completely cured.

Other Angular Cheilitis Treatment Options

Usually angular cheilitis is a bacterial type infection very similar in nature to a yeast infection. It is a fungus that grows on your mouth corners and is perhaps the easiest to cure.Typically the elderly or young children are more prone to get cheilitis, (also known as perleche) however you can get it at any age. It usually is more prevailant in winter months when the bodies immune system is at its weakest but you can get it at any time of year.

Regardless of the cause if you are currently suffering from this condition than first eliminating your current infection is the first step. When you go to the doctor typically they will prescribe for you an anti fungal type cream (hydro cortisone) or topical steroid to help combat the infection.

If the cause was due to a nutritional deficiency than taking a good multivitamin and changing your eating habits will be the first step in treating the condition. A diet rich in B vitamins and making sure you have sufficient iron in your diet is all thought to minimize future out breaks.

Another main cause of cheilosis is poorly fitting dentures that dont allow the mouth to close properly. This allows saliva to collect at the mouth corners and is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria

People with chapped or cracked lips are also more likely to come down with an infection. In those cases a good lip balm or chap stick is recommended.

What makes this problem frustrating is that it is very visible on the mouth and makes it hard to hide. People also have a hard time finding an angular cheilitis treatment that works as prescription medications are notorious for being ineffective.

Stella Maxwell