Public records can reveal a wealth of information about a person and a company. In fact, these records can establish or disprove the individual or company’s reputation. With that said certain records such as Arizona Arrests records are restricted from the public; however, one can still obtain a copy of their own criminal records as well as make public background checks.

For those who want a copy of public arrest records, there are several ways to do so. Researchers can send their request via online, walk in, standard mail and through fax. All requests must be made in writing or submitted online using the site’s Public Records Request Form. All requests once processed will generate an invoice and this will be sent to the person requesting the records via USPS, email or fax.

To pay for the records, researchers can pay through several payment methods. They can send in a business check, money order or a cashier’s check. Personal checks are not accepted. Once payment is received, the records will be released to the person requesting the information. Processing can take within 15 to 20 days upon the receipt of the request. The Arizona Public Records Unit does not have an entrance for walk in or in person requests. Request should be dropped off the public counter at the Department Records Unit. All records are subject for review and as such, a researcher should make an appointment with the Document Custodian to review the record’s content.

Fees vary accordingly. For records up to nine (9) pages, payment is $9.00, any excess of which $1/page is charged. For DVD/CD copies, cost is $25. For audio cassette tapes, cost is $5.00, photo Cd is $35, Thumbnail sheets – $10 and for 8 x 10 photographs, the charge is $35. The State law allows review of records before purchasing of the said records. To review the records, one needs to set up an appointment with the Office. Call the Office and leave a message including the researcher’s name, contact number as well as the invoice number.

To request for one’s criminal history record, one can check out the Criminal History Records Section of the State. The Records section serves as the Central Repository of all criminal records of the State. The request is free in Arizona and all one has to do is to download a copy of the Records Review Packet available from the State’s website, fill up the packet and send in the packet. Processing would take about two weeks and results will be sent to the person’s address.

For those who need to find arrest search records, the fastest and most convenient way to do so is to use commercial public record sites instead of the government site. Commercial public search sites allow one to check several records conveniently at a time and thus can be ideal for big companies that require background check of their employees or candidates. Other records are also accessible using commercial online search sites such as vital records, property, criminal records and warrants of arrest.

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