There are a number of purposes that a marriage record can serve which includes Genealogical research, background check, and marriage history check, amongst many others. California has the lowest marriage rate with fewer than 5 marriages per 1000 people and this is despite them having the largest population in all the states. Marriage Records California are administered by the Vital Records office of the California Department of Public Health.

The department does not indicate if the marriage is between opposite sexes, or if it is same-sex marriage. Only records from 1949 to 1986 and 1998 to 1999 can be found at the department. If you wish to procure a record from the years not specified, head to the County Recorder’s office. There you can also procure a certified copy of the marriage files. If you wish to procure confidential records then your name/s should be found on the files and you can only get them at the County Clerk’s office where the license was given.

Certified copies have two kinds name the authorized copies and informational copies. Authorized copies are restricted to whose names are on the files, legal representatives, and other agencies or organizations authorized by the court. Informational copies have the same content as of authorized copies, except they are not official. They can only be used to provide information and not as a legal file.

A charge of $14 per copy is required for every certified copy of the files. Acquiring them at the Department of Public Health entails a long time to be processed at around 6 months. The County Recorder can get you the files sooner. To get a search underway, supply the husband first and last name, wife’s first name and maiden name, and the date of the matrimony.

Secure a request form online and supply all the needed information. A signed sworn statement should come together with the request form. Get it notarized if you are requesting the files through postal mail. Without the sworn statement, you request will be considered incomplete and will consequently be rejected. Rejection of requests will not result to returning of any fees already paid.

A quicker method to acquire the files is by looking for a commercial record provider. Look them up over the Web and make a choice between sites that are free-of-charge or the ones that requires fees. Whichever way you choose to go, you will be provided with marriage records. The difference between the two is that the ones with fees have access to databases from both public and private source which enables them to collect more information and arrange them in an easy-to-understand fashion.

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