Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ LA Tent Festival

The California indie-folk group Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros will take their act to a whole new level this fall. The group is partnering up with Live Nation to host a four date circus-like event that they have appropriately called Big Top.The entire festival will be held under a traditional Big Top to accommodate a huge number of people. It will include various performances by other musicians, contortionists, vaudeville comedians, puppeteers, acrobats, interactive shows and a farmers market. During the day, different films and visual installations will be on display together with…Read more

How to Draw: Pencil and Paper

If you can write, you can draw. Though creating a simple fan fiction won’t guarantee you’ll be the next breakout artist. I’m sure you’ve seen incredible, hand drawn artwork on Deviant Art and probably all over your Facebook newsfeed but everyone started at the basics of drawing. That’s what the discussion is today, not crafting a badass dragon flying through space and time unfortunately. In order to draw such fantastical things, you’ll have to start at the basics. So let’s start!Lines are what you want to aim for first. I know, it’s boring…Read more