How Your Electrical Body Responds to Frequencies

The human electrical body has a specific frequency resulted from the frequency of molecules (mainly water) which constitute it. This frequency is responsive to the effects of the frequencies of other agencies around the human body. These include waves from a television screen, microwave oven, network boosters and other such factors.The interference of these waves with the body’s internal frequency results in the interruption of various bodily functions. These functions include communication between brain and other parts of the body, production of new cells and working of immune system. Thus every person in…Read more

Fire and Electric Saunas

What is a continuous fire sauna?A continuous fire sauna is one in which during the sauna session the fire is kept burning. In such saunas, there is usually a vent to take the smoke away, and they generally heat up faster than other saunas. However extra care needs to be taken during the session to keep the fire burning, and vigilance need to be maintained against a possible fire hazard.Electric stove saunasElectric stove saunas are the most common saunas in urban areas. This is because of the reduced fire hazards. They usually have…Read more