Some Progesterone Recommendations

When it comes to vaginal insertions, there are a few options to choose from. You can choose to have the progesterone inserted in the form of a gel, tablet, or a suppository. Depending on your doctor’s recommendations and dosage, you may be inserting the progesterone anywhere from once daily to three times a day.Another type of progesterone supplements that you can take are in a pill form that is swallowed. Again, the dosage and frequency is depended on the doctor and their recommendations, and can be used for number of illnesses, like insomnia…Read more

How Your Electrical Body Responds to Frequencies

The human electrical body has a specific frequency resulted from the frequency of molecules (mainly water) which constitute it. This frequency is responsive to the effects of the frequencies of other agencies around the human body. These include waves from a television screen, microwave oven, network boosters and other such factors.The interference of these waves with the body’s internal frequency results in the interruption of various bodily functions. These functions include communication between brain and other parts of the body, production of new cells and working of immune system. Thus every person in…Read more

Epitalon and the roles of telomeres and telomerase

Why Fixing Aging Is Easier than Fixing Similarly Complex MachinesNow let’s move on to another reason that people often give for clinging to the belief that aging is inherently inaccessible to biomedical intervention. If aging is just damage, and the body is just a complex machine, it stands to reason that we can apply the same principles to alleviating the damage of aging as we do to alleviating damage to machines.What are the roles of telomeres and telomerase?But people sometimes point out that the body has a host of self-repair and self-maintenance processes,…Read more

Pregnancy and constipation isues

Is Constipation an Early Sign of Pregnancy - need constipation relief?Constipation is considered one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, especially when it occurs along with nausea, dizziness, mood swings and food cravings (4).Symptoms of Constipation in Pregnancy - constipation relief?Symptoms of constipation (3): Less than three bowel movements in one week Hard feces making it difficult to pass, feeling like some feces has remained in the rectum Occasional rectal bleeding due to hard feces Decreased appetite Lower abdominal bloating, pain or cramps.When you are experiencing repeated rectal bleeding or abdominal pain, visit…Read more

Constipation relief and the wonders of Poopdoc

Late night sleeping. Frequent fastfood meals. Stressful work schedules. Can you relate to these? These may only be some of the reasons why constipation is very common among people used to the urban life. Do you, to some extent, suffer from constipation? Constipation relief - take Poopdoc Formula 1 from The Colon Health store.Constipation relief can be bothering. And mind you, this problem needs to be addressed immediately. The sooner you realize you are constipated, the better for you to get started on having the right remedy for your condition. Let us take…Read more

The problem – symptoms of constipation

All these remedies address only one thing: the lack of liquid. While this is a major factor, the real reason for constipation is that the bowels are not strong enough to flush themselves out. You may not know it, but the best all natural remades for constipation are found in your freezer! Veggies are the best known constipation cure. When you eat a large serving of them, the intestines use it to pump away refuse. Rough vegetables like broccoli, green beans, and cauliflower are best suited to being natural remedies for constipation. Leafy…Read more

Stock Your Pantry with Budget Emergency Food Supplies

With changing weather patterns, natural disasters, power outages and other unforeseen circumstances, it's a smart move to think about an emergency food supply. Too often, we tend to put such an agenda on the back burner. “I ought to build a supply of food now, but ...”. Life intervenes, with far more pressing issues to think about, resulting in this task never getting off the ground. Should a situation arise today, are you prepared with an emergency food supply to see your family through a week? Unfortunately, most of us would have to…Read more