Failures in marriage usually lead to the married couple’s separation. In the United States alone, close to half of those wedded individuals are already divorced from their ex-spouses. In the state of Alaska, this same issue is rampant. Large quantities of Divorce Records Alaska are now stored at the Bureau of Health and Social Services under the Bureau of Vital Statistics. This information is obtainable by the public as per the state’s jurisdiction.

A copy of this file is released for $20, payable by check or money order to the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Payments made through credit cards are likewise accepted but an extra charge of $11 is applied. Take into account, though, that access to this document is restricted for 50 years from the time the dissolution of marriage took place. Requesters may have to contact the Clerk of Superior Court in judicial district where the divorce was granted to obtain pre-1950 divorce accounts.

In the request form, enter as much as you can of the following: the husband’s first and last name, the wife’s first and maiden name, the when and where of split, reason for getting the record and your relationship to the person being searched for. Relevant data on divorces that occurred in Alaska can likewise be gathered online through the official website of the Vital Statistics office.

Today, this piece of document is a must-have for several reasons. First off, it is required for a divorced person to be legally permitted to remarry. This record also serves as a reminder of that previous marriage and brings reflection over the causes that resulted in the separation in the hopes that the same thing will not happen the next time around. Moreover, it is one of the requirements in immigrating to another country, supporting legal proceedings and more.

A few options are now available for individuals to acquire such information. Of course, there’s the Vital Records office to turn to. However, this may not be a desirable choice, especially if you have already moved out from Alaska. The process of the application being mailed to you, you sending it back and then finally the results being mailed to you could take weeks or months. A shortcut way of doing it nowadays is by using the Internet.

Through the Web, Divorce Court Records can now be obtained in a matter of seconds only for a small cost. Searching online is the best method if convenience and immediacy are of huge importance to you. Looking up for this information will normally show you details like the personal particulars of the separating couple, their parents’ and children’s, date, location and grounds for the breakup, alimony, children custody and so on.

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