It may seem strange that death records are some of the most requested for records from the government, but one must note that death is something that would have effects that would be binding not only upon the family of the deceased, but even upon the world. Death is something that terminates the civil personality of the person who had died, and because such civil personality is terminated, such person could no longer enter into any contract or own property, and there is sometimes the need to prove the fact of the death, hence, the reason why death records like Fresno County Death Notices are some of the most requested for records from the government.

Perhaps the most oft repeated example of the effects of death would have something to do with the property of the deceased. The fact that the deceased had died does not mean that his or her property would suddenly find itself without an owner, for the law says that when a person dies, his or her heirs would get the property, though it must be remembered that the same law require that before the property could be transferred, the will undergo probate, and because death is not something that courts could take judicial notice of, there is the need to prove the fact of the death and these records are the best evidence to prove that fact.

The reason why these records are the best evidence that one could present is because these are the official records of the government in regards to the fact of the death. It is true that these records are not public records, but the fact that these records may only be requested by certain people does not affect the fact that these records are presumed to be correct at all times. This presumption means that the party who would present the records need not prove that the contents of the records are true, but note that the presumption has limitations in the sense that it would only apply if the record were obtained from the proper sources and if the presumption would not be challenged by competent evidence.

A request for copies of the records may be done at both the local or county level and the national or state level, and though state level searches are slower owing to the fact that such searches would necessarily include all records from within the state and because of the procedure that is being used, one must note that searching at the national level would mean that there is no need for the person making the search to be sure as to where the death had occurred given that the records would be for the entire state anyway.

Fresno County Death Certificates may also be obtained online through the use of online archives. These archives are mostly privately owned, but the information that they could present to the person making the search would be substantially the same as that which could be found from the official archives. They are also faster and more efficient in presenting the records in question and they are also easier to both use and access.

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