You could be very healthy, but you probably have a few things that you wish were better with your body. You could be one of those people that gets sick very easily, or perhaps you don’t get sick very often, but when you do, you have a hard time shaking it off. You may also have some small problems that are troublesome, but there is not much your doctor is willing to do to help you out. In these cases, you may benefit from some vitamins and supplements if you take the time to find out what you should be doing.

I have a friend that has about six bottles of vitamins and supplements on her kitchen counter. This surprised me because she is very health, but then, I thought perhaps they were the reason why. She didn’t seem like a health junkie though, so I asked her what they were all about. Some were just daily vitamins that many of us take, but there were some others. She explained that two of the vitamins and supplements were there to help her with bruising. She bruises easily, and the one stops that if she can remember to take it.

Some say that you can load up on vitamins and supplements if you feel a cold coming on. The most common of these practices is to take a lot of vitamin C all at once. There can be some problems with this, and it does not work like you might think. Even though you may think of vitamins and supplements as things that are healthy because they are natural, that is far from the truth. You can get sick from too much vitamin C all at once. Instead, take some each day and that should help you just fine when you get sick.

One thing you should always remember when thinking about taking vitamins and supplements is that though they are natural, they have other problems as well. Some do not work, but that is simply a matter of trail and error. The bigger issue with vitamins, minerals, and supplements is that some will interact with your prescription medications, if you take any, and those reactions can be deadly. If you start taking something new, check with your doctor or pharmacist before you begin. Vitamins and supplements can be helpful, but you don’t want them to be deadly.

Though vitamins and supplements can do wonders for your health, you don’t want to use them as if they are a replacement for living a good life. In other words, you still have to try to eat right and to get the exercise that you need. Those two things are more powerful than anything that comes in a bottle. None of us are prefect, however, so that means vitamins and supplements can make up the difference when we have less than perfect days. Just use them wisely and they can be a great addition to your daily health regimen.

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