There are not that many promising options out there that doctors know of when it comes to weight loss pills that work. Short of actual surgery to shrink the size of your stomach, prescribing weight-loss pills happens to be quite a nightmare for doctors. There are either too many side-effects or too few actual intended effects in any drug they choose. In a creative attempt at formulating better weight-loss with the tools they have, doctors often turn to combinations of existing weight-loss pills. While the attempt to fashion something new to help a patient with seems quite commendable, one needs to be aware that the combinations doctors try are often untested ones. Not only do they not know that any given combination will work, they don’t know about what the risks might be in mixing these things. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular drug combinations that doctors pick in their attempt to prescribe weight loss pills that work, and what can go wrong with them.

A topiramate and phentermine combination is often very popular with doctors. Topiramate is an antiepileptic that doctors prescribe to epilepsy patients. This particular unofficial combination happens to be so popular that there is actually a pre-made combination capsule sold under the brand name Qnexa. Doctors approve of this combination because some tests show that weight-loss patients can lose 10% more weight taking this combo than other single unaided weight-loss pills. While Qnexa sold well for some time; but the FDA finally put an end to it a few months ago. They found that the combination caused birth defects and heart problems. What about all those years that doctors prescribed the two drugs separately as a kind of practical and innovative seat-of-the-pants medicine? Well, it would just have to be too bad for those patients.

Another unofficial doctor-made combo places well-known antidepressant bupropion and quit-smoking drug naltrexone together. Doctors hoped that it would help patients in search of weight loss pills that work, lose weight more quickly. The combo became so popular that one manufacturer put out a combination drug under the brand name Contrave. After the drug sold well for a while, the FDA shut it down. The FDA wasn’t impressed with how little the combination could actually do for patients; and they felt that the combination hadn’t been tested for heart safety well enough.

The same goes for the unofficial combination that puts phentermine 5-HTP carbidopa together. There haven’t even been any clinical trials yet on this combination; but that’s probably because no manufacturer has come forward to make a combination drug for these three. One can suffer from heart palpitations and skin inflammation with this combo. The things we have to go through finding weight-loss pills that work.

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