One of the most valuable pieces of documents created on every living individual is the official certificate of his or her birth. Without this record, it will be impossible to fundamentally establish a person’s origin or real identity. Through this state file, a company or any other legal entity can validate an individual’s complete name, legal age, birth date, birth parents’ names, and the country/locality where the person was born. These essential details comprise Texas Birth Records. Helpful facts in determining any individual’s background can surely be collected using these government documentations.

Certificates for births that occurred within the last 75 years are protected data in Texas. Usually, information on births becomes public after the specified duration. Certified copies may only be released to qualified persons like the registrant or the parents listed on file. These records are normally maintained by the Texas State’s Health Services Vital Statistics Office. While this government unit offers online applications (besides in-person or postal orders) for birth certifications, it does not generate searchable indexes of Texas births on the eGovernment site. Verifications on whether or not a certain event of nativity has taken place may be done by sending a written application to the said state bureau.

The state Vital Statistics division issues either a letter verifying the existence of a natal event or the certified copy of the document, which is given to qualified persons only. The two forms of records are not made for the same purpose. Verification letters may not be acknowledged as a substitute for a certified document copy. Thus, make sure which copy can meet your intended use before ordering. A Letter of verification will specifically indicate the registrant’s name, birth date, the county where the nativity took place and the designated number of the filed record.

The main requirement when applying for official certifications of births is a photocopy of a valid photo identification that is issued by a governmental agency i.e. driver’s license, state card, city or county ID card, military ID, prison ID, and government employment identification. If not, you may alternatively use the valid photo ID of any immediate member of the family or two (2) documents that show your name like a utility billing. Just remember to affix your signature on one of the papers. Without enclosing the required identifications, requests for closed records will not be processed.

It is really a great privilege that vital events records can also be searched through online retrieval sites. Massive data can be yours without the hassle of strict requirements or limitations for ordering information on state vital occurrences like births, marriages, divorces and deaths. Anytime, by gaining access to a paid professional service, you can get any file that you need in verifying the background and identity of persons you desire.

Validating new persons for legitimate uses like employment or other business and personal matters is just a standard precautionary measure. Security, more than ever, is threatened in this modern time. Often, it is best to know who you deal with than realize later on that you were deceived or scammed. Birth Records are only a fraction of the colossal public documents that you can access, examine, and obtain facts from using Internet tools today.