For most people, marriage is characterized by endless bliss and romance. It is a noteworthy event in any individual’s life. For two people to get married, a license must be obtained first. This can be acquired through the Office of the County Clerk. Once secured, the couple can already tie the knot. Such event will now be documented in what is called a marriage certificate. This important file is evidence of the said vows and since it encompasses the marital record of the couple, it can be used for a great deal of intentions. Alabama Marriage License

Background investigations, employment screening, financial loan applications, travel and a whole lot more undertakings could make use of marriage decrees in case one, of course, is married. In Alabama state, these records are deemed vital and hence are attainable at the Central for Health Statistics in the Alabama Department of Public Health. The Central for Health Statistics is responsible for the department’s vital records system management as well as with the collection and tabulation of health-related statistical information for the state of Alabama. Because it oversees the state’s vital record system, it is also responsible for assisting individuals should they request access to these essential registers for whatever legal purposes.

Because vital records in the state of Alabama are not restricted, anyone in the general public can request access to such archives. To do so, an request form must be procured and completed. All the information required in the form must be provided. Details such as the couple’s complete names, the wife’s complete maiden name, the date and the county where the event took place are requisite. Your name, address, and your reason for the record retrieval must also be indicated.

Records of marriages that occurred since 1936 can be obtained from the abovementioned office. Those that transpired prior to that year may be requested at the Office of the County clerk where the license was issued. Although fees may vary from one county to another, the standard fee for the whole Alabama state for marriage record requests is $15. This already includes a certified copy of the marriage decree. In case the marriage record requested is not located, a “Certificate of Failure to Find” will be issued. To increase the chance of locating the marriage decree you wish to get, providing as much information about the event as you possibly can is paramount.

While some people still prefer the conventional way of record procurement as it is what they are used to, most individuals nowadays choose to do it online. Through this modern marvel of document retrieval, anyone who needs to procure any public records without wanting to go through all the hassle of the traditional record repossession – falling in line, long waiting time, paper works and more loads of bucks spent.

Thanks to the Internet’s emergence. Because government and private repositories for marriage records free public records are already available online and are accessible through the modern devices, anyone who wishes to get a copy of such documents can just do so anywhere at anytime they want to. Indeed, record retrieval has never been this efficient and expedited.