Illinois Divorce Records are managed by the office of the Vital Records Section. Residents of Illinois can access this document freely. This was possible after the state has implemented the Freedom of Information Act.

The divorce records of Illinois are one of the major references when conducting a genealogy research. It is not as important as other documents but it may create major confusion for the future generation if the divorce of a family member is not updated on a timely manner. A divorce certificate is necessary when one needs to process certain transactions in different agencies of the government. Transactions involving the finances of a couple such as insurance as well as updating the property list of a couple would call for such document to prove one’s claim and marital status. An unlikely use of this document is to use it in background check. There are some people who would check on the marital status of an individual to know their identity better. This is done mostly by individuals who are planning to get married.

The divorce certificate in Illinois contains only the basic information about the separation of a couple. One would know where and when the divorce has been filed and granted. The document also shows some details about the couple involved. This includes the complete name of the couple as well as the marriage details. Sensitive information about the separation is kept confidential. Details about the reason for the separation are not available for public access. One cannot find details about custody of the children and the division of assets and properties on a public divorce document.

Retrieval of a divorce certificate in Illinois would cost only $5 per request. Only records of divorce which have been registered since January 1962 are available for request in Illinois. One has to provide the basic details of the divorce in order to proceed with the retrieval. It is also important for the one who requested the document to provide their contact details in order to have the request granted.

The office of the Vital Records Section under the Department of Health is where all of the public records of Illinois are kept. This includes the state’s records of divorce. The said office however, cannot release certified copies of the said document. One has to go to the office of the county clerk where the separation was filed in order to get a certified copy of the document. Sending a mail request is also possible but the results of the search can be obtained after few days.

To avoid the long wait, one can request for a copy of a divorce certificate online. This method is faster and convenient which is why residents of Illinois prefer to conduct the search through the Internet. The search can be done anywhere there is Internet access and in just a few seconds the results of the search can be obtained. One can even conduct a free public divorce records search.