New York Public Records are never kept confidential but are instead provided to people as the term suggests. The state has established a lot of agencies just to make sure that all the types of records are appropriately taken care of. More importantly, the state’s main objective would be to become transparent to its constituents in terms of public information like marriage, divorce, death, arrest, criminal report and among others. These are all meticulously updated and archived for the use of future generations to come.

The New York Department of Health caters the documentation of reports related to death, birth and divorce. Apparently, they are specifically archived by the Vital Records Division under the Department of Health. For the record, they have started the updating of reports since 1881 which people can request by mail, phone or through the Internet. A certified copy will cost $30.00, but if you are going to request rush release of results then you will have to pay $15.00 more for such an express service. Courthouses will also be a helpful resource if you are to request for a certified copy of a divorce record.

Another totally different records agency has existed being called the Vital Records Department which handles all the marriage reports along with the divorce documents. Over time, the State has formed another organization which solely handles on the marriage files alone. This institution is called New York City Marriage Bureau. This particular office only collects $15.00 per copy of the document and another $10.00 if you are to request for additional copies.

On the other hand, the arrest and criminal reports are held by the various law enforcement agencies in New York. These law enforcing units are mandated by law to put all the legal records into writing and keep them safe for future references. These agencies include the police stations, narcotics department, highway patrol group and the other enforcers in New York. Thus, if you are doing a background check on someone, you make sure that you tap the right agency for the information which you are searching for. You need to call the offices concerned to ask how much you should be paying for the retrieval of arrest, criminal or police documents.

All these departments have similar processes on how to perform the search. One just needs to secure an official copy of the records application form and fill it out completely. All the details being asked from the form must be supplied with; otherwise, the records office cannot begin the search for lack of basic inputs regarding the person whom you are investigating with. There are specific rules and guidelines which you need to observe; if not then your application will definitely be rejected. The only hold up in government records services is the process itself since you had to go through all the formalities before you eventually obtain what you wanted.

But a whole new development has come these days with the advancement of modern technology. This is the time when those paper works are no longer a necessary procedure to undergo a public records search and more significantly you no longer have to wait for days before you get the results. Today, an online records service will do everything for you. All you have to do is pay for it and the next thing you know you already have the public records that you needed.

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