In the state of Kentucky, access to criminal history profiles is not as difficult as some of the other states. When an individual is arrested or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crime, his police record becomes a matter of public domain. The Kentucky Arrests will then be stored in a central database that can be accessed by virtually anyone from every county, city, or state for fact checking, public safety, or review purposes. Today, there are a number of resources available to ordinary citizens, which allow them easy access to court records, prison reports, and other public criminal profiles.

The Kentucky State Police handles all criminal history profiles for the Bluegrass State. As a central depository of public criminal accounts, its Criminal Records Dissemination Section holds a pivotal role in the housing, maintenance, and proper dissemination of all arrest reports and criminal documents in the state. Besides the Criminal Records Dissemination Section, the Kentucky State Police also oversees an online sex offender registry that is open to the public, as well as a specialized division that is dedicated to Internet crimes against juveniles and to locating missing minors.

Using a name-based search, the Criminal Records Dissemination Section can locate any requested criminal profile in its database. By filing out the proper request form, approved employers, agencies, and organizations can have access to the division’s comprehensive database. Applications can be submitted in person or by mail. A $20 fee will be charged for every name searched. However, for in-depth criminal background checks, only law enforcement officials, state agencies, and other approved entities have the authorization to run third party searches.

To get free access to third party criminal accounts, the general public can approach the Kentucky Court of Justice as they accept public requests for background checks. The court offers two kinds of criminal history searches. The first is a basic criminal background check, which features four levels of criminal information. But the requester has to ask permission from the subject of the search before the request can be granted by the court. The second is a vulnerable sector check, which is a different type of background search that is normally conducted on juveniles under the age of 18.

For private citizens, small business owners and establishments looking to perform criminal background checks on job applicants, potential clients, or even suspicious neighbors, the wide-ranging criminal database the Kentucky Court of Justice has to offer is quite invaluable. In fact, the court of justice even has an online database that houses court records from every county in the state making public access even easier and more efficient. Felony reports are available from 1978 onwards, while traffic and misdemeanor cases are accessible five years onwards.

Another reasonable alternative that has proven itself to be a huge advantage as a criminal background information resource is a reputable online public arrest records website. These days, there are a variety of online record providers that have made it easier for many private individuals and business establishments to sift through job applicants. With a single payment option that gives you unlimited access to the site’s criminal database, you will never have to deal with policies and requirements just to get a hold of someone’s criminal history.