Identifying one’s attacker had never been an easy thing to do in the past. In fact, it was impossible to see who your possible enemies are or who are those individuals who have bad plans against you and your family. Today, the good news is that Michigan Arrests Records have been made available to all Michiganders as well as those living outside this state. This change provides folks the best means to investigate a certain person’s background.

All arrests, charges and convictions of grave felonies performed in the state are maintained at the Criminal Justice Information Center (CJIC) of Michigan. These documents typically come from all law enforcement offices, prosecutors and courts of the state and are updated on a daily basis. By state law, arrest information is public information; thus, anyone has the claim to obtain it whenever it’s necessary.

How can these arrest files be found in Michigan? There are two methods to do so. First, one can run a name-based search. In this method, all requesters are simply asked to provide the subject’s correct name and other important personal details. The second method is the fingerprint-based lookup. Though the second is recommended for more accurate results, it is only offered to people with an executive order.

The CJIC keeps a file of all criminal offenses punishable by over 92 days, except for minor cases like traffic violations. In searching, one may obtain basic bits of information without any cost at all. Nonetheless, you may have to spend a little amount of money in order to acquire a much detailed and comprehensive account of one’s arrest. More often than not, paying a fee is suggested in any fact-finding examinations.

Apart from the government’s manual services, an online database has also been prepared by the state to house such information for easier access. All you need to do is log on to the state’s official website, provide essential particulars concerning the individual you’re after and gain some results in the shortest time possible. As opposed to the previous method, searching online does not require much time at all and it’s doable at home.

No doubt, public Arrest Records provide anyone a clearer view about someone – a neighbor, new found friend, a date or an employee. That is why this sort of information now becomes so popular among numerous individuals anywhere in the United States. In these modern times, a growing number of private records providers is also seen in the Internet, giving people more instant and convenient way to search.