When you read about the organic food market, it’s like you’re doing your body a favor buying organic foods. But there’s also the distinct undertone there that you sense – that organic foods are a kind of luxury that you could go is that they have money to waste. Well, it’s not like that at all for many important kinds of organic foods. These actually help you stay toxin-free. Let’s take a look at organic foods that are actual necessities, and not luxuries.

Let’s start with strawberries and raspberries. These are such healthy-looking things that you never suspect how they harbor the foulest kinds of pesticide residue imaginable. If you don’t want to be worried every time your child picks up a strawberry, go with the organic variety.

Do more wholesome fruit than peaches and apples exist? Now here’s a little rule of thumb to go by when you try to make your mind up whether to head towards the organic section or the regular section for a given kind of produce. If the thing you’re looking at has thin skin or no skin at all, then turn to the organic foods section. Peaches and apples for instance, have very thin skin. The thinner the skin is, the easier it is for all applied pesticides to leach through and embed themselves right in the flesh of the fruit. On the other hand, if you’re looking at thick-skinned fruit like bananas or watermelon, you’re pretty safe going with the regular stuff.

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