A county Clerk of Court is the office-in-charge of Arizona Divorce Records Search. If you want to retrieve a certain divorce file, you can get it at the Clerk of Court that finalized the divorce. You do not have to worry about legality issues because it is legal to retrieve files that are considered as public records. The state of Arizona does not have a main storage for divorce files even though it has an Office of Vital Records. But if you have no idea which county Clerk of Court has the files you need, you can ask for help from the Office of Vital records.

Only divorce files are considered by the court as supporting documents to prove the dissolution of a marriage. Before you tie the knot with your lover, it would not hurt if you check if he or she got involved in a previous marriage or not so you will not have to deal with legal problems one of these days. If you have been married in the past but now want to enter into another marriage, prepare your own divorce file when you apply for a license to marry.

Only the husband, wife, their legal representatives, and any other individual that has the consent of the court can access and view everything that is included on the files. If you are otherwise, you will be given limited access to the files, which includes the names of the husband and the wife and the date and location where the divorce was finalized. Pieces of information that are deemed as personal, like the terms and conditions of the case, are kept private.

To retrieve the records, submit a request at the county Clerk of Court. You have to supply the full name of either the husband or the wife. If you can add more information such as their place of residence, their birthday, or their job description, it will make the search process faster. You may also opt to mail your request if you cannot hand it personally to the Clerk of Court. However, you will have to wait about two to three weeks to get the files. You will be charged a certain amount for retrieving the files and the amount varies from county to county.

You can also retrieve the files from online search tools that venture in supplying divorce files to the public. If you browse the Internet, you will find various search tools that can help you get the files you need. Fortunately, not all of them can be trusted. In order to check if they are a reliable source or not, research about their background first.

There are search tools that will charge you for retrieving divorce files but there are also those that will offer you Free Divorce Records. You will be granted limited information but they will suffice in proving if a divorce is final or not. And if you are unaware which county to search, look for a search tool that gives you an option to search all the other states of the country.