Do you want to determine whether your fiance or fiancee is certified single or not? You actually do not necessarily get hold of the actual licenses or certified copies of New York Marriage Records to know that. There are some online resources where you can check out for marriage lists or indexes and find out if someone is in fact on the roster of married parties. In most cases, that is the only significant thing that you need to verify: if this person you are entering a serious relationship with is indeed ready to contract legal marriage.

Since there are 50 US States, it sure is a complex task to research nuptial files on a nationwide level; especially as there is no such thing as centralized national marriage statistics database provided by the national government. On the other hand, your quest is not hopeless as there are a few reputable public records providers that allow fast lookups for your urgent data inquiries. On these sites you can conveniently run state, county, or national searches on any type of vital statistics file such as marriages and divorces.

As a general rule for all US States, only the eligible individuals namely the bride, the groom and persons who either have a court order or an official letter stating a judicial or a proper purpose (e.g. benefits claims) may request for and receive a certified copy of a nuptial certificate. Certificates of marriage for the State of New York may be obtained through the Department of Health. However, if you got your nuptial license from any of the five boroughs of New York City you need to contact the Office of the City Clerk. You may likewise use the Marriage Bureau website to proceed with the subsequent steps.

Three methods are doable when ordering for New York marital documents from the state designated department. First of all, you can download and then print the proper order form from the state portal, fill it out properly, and mail it along with the valid identification requirements to the Health Department Vital Records Section. You can pick between priority and regular handling when applying for a certified marriage record copy. Either way, process times take several weeks before having the document. The other two routes are by telephone and by using the Internet (via VitalChek).

Express results can only be expected from Web-based resources. Apart from round the clock accessibility, there are online access sites where you can get inside a vast assortment of public records. If a simple verification of someone’s real marital status is all you need to know, a one-time search from a reliable records service will be enough. One more benefit is you can use such site as a one-stop comprehensive background check tool. Most of these databases include files like criminal histories, court records, FBI information and others.

We cannot always rely on what our boyfriend or fiancee say about their past. For either of the sexes, it is truly smart to conduct an investigation on your partner’s genuine status. Free Marriage Records and many other files are searchable on the internet. If you fully understand how they are being maintained and how you look for them, you will find out how easy it is to get these pieces of information today.

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