For most people, acquiring public records can be a difficult task. For instance, getting hold of California Divorce Record may seem challenging – if you do not make use of available sources anywhere. With the dawn of the internet, there are still old fashion people who go through the conventional way of obtaining records. Nonetheless, they succeed in doing so. There are a couple of ways that you can get the needed records, as with most record retrieval case. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) maintains the records on marriages and divorces, as well as births and deaths. They also are responsible for licenses and certificates. It was in 2007 that the California Department of Health Services split into the Department of Health Care Services and the California Department of Public Health.

There are states in the US that do not follow the number of divorces that occur in each, namely California, Indiana, Colorado and Louisiana. If the divorce occurred between 1962 and 1984, a certificate of record can be supplied by the Office of Vital Records in Sacramento, California. The more detailed records are provided by the offices of the county where the divorce took place.

The names of the divorcees, the county and the court case number are included in a Certificate of Record. It does not act as a divorce decree; therefore it does not indicate if the court has finalized the divorce that was filed. When requesting, a $13 fee is needed. Afterwards, there is a waiting time of more than six months for the records to be obtained. The requestor must apply at the County Recorder’s Office for the release of the record in the same county it was filed.

A certified copy of a divorce decree can be obtained from Supreme Court in the county where the divorce happened. The personal particulars of the said divorce are indicated in the document. It includes the information on child support, alimony order, declaration on matrimonial assets, visitation rights as well as custody. Moreover, it provides the information about the disposition on other contentions of the divorce.

Another phrase for divorce records is records of marriage dissolution. When you look for either a marriage or divorce record, you will find that these two are often beside each other. This is because the government and commercial sources often fuse these two in their databases. When a divorcee wants to get married again and apply for a marriage license, he or she needs to provide a certified copy of divorce record which has the specifics of the proper termination of his or her previous marriage.

A lot of the divorce records in California are substantial that it may outnumber the population in that state sooner or later. Even with the division of county divorce records, sifting through the databases may take time. A good thing about today’s technologies is that free divorce records can be supplied by an online records provider. They may require you to be a member but with that comes along the opportunity to request records with just a few clicks.

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